“Singles” are thrilled by Nagaland ministers’ tweet on World Population Day.


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Temjen Imna Along, the minister of tribal affairs for Nagaland, made a speech a few days ago on the prejudices North East Indians encounter.

Temjen Imna Along, the minister of education and tribal affairs for Nagaland, attracted a lot of attention after his speech listing the benefits of having small eyes went viral. With his tweet honoring World Population Day, the minister has now garnered media attention once more.

“On the occasion of #WorldPopulationDay, let us be sensible towards the issues of population growth and inculcate informed choices on child bearing,” he tweeted.

But the tweet’s main message—which has been retweeted more than 4,000 times—is his invitation to join the singles movement. Or you might #StaySingle like me and work with me to create a sustainable future. Join the singles movement right away.

The internet community quickly inundated his Twitter wall with amusing comments and jokes. When a commenter questioned whether the minister would ever get married, another user uploaded a famous line from the web series Mirzapur, which is roughly translated as “I haven’t thought about it, but will think for sure.”

Yuvraj Vats, another user, commented, “Finally we have leader of Singles.” A few days ago, a speech by Along went viral in which he discussed the notion that residents of the northeastern states have small eyes.

While it is true that people from the northeast have smaller eyes, Along noted that these individuals have excellent vision and are shielded from dirt and other foreign elements by their smaller eyes.
“We don’t get much dirt within the eyes since they are tiny. And when a lengthy program is on, we can easily fall asleep “said the minister.

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