See how eager is Internet to know about Temjen Imna’s wife : Here’s his response to this.


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After a funny tweet on World population day, Temjen Imna Along shared a screenshot on Twitter that shows Google search result by his name. Netizens were interested in learning more about his wife in addition to his age. His smart reply to people’s query has left the internet amazed.

The internet is completely enamored with Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along’s sense of humor. The Nagaland minister is once again the topic of conversation after receiving a lot of praise for his “little eyes” joke. This time, Temjen Imna shared a screenshot of the Google search results for his name on Twitter. Netizens were interested in learning more about his wife in addition to his age. Temjen Imna’s reaction to this question on the internet was really hilarious.

The Nagaland minister posted a screenshot of the search results for his name on Twitter. Along with his age and biography, it seemed the internet was particularly interested in learning about Along’s wife. However, he revealed that he is single by responding in a clever manner.

He wrote: “Ayalee, @Google search excites me. I am still looking for her!”

The internet can’t quit raving about Along’s wonderfully amazing sense of humor. His funny comment received appreciation from all online users. Love your humor, a Twitter user exclaimed. “I adore this dude so much. I’ve always had a soft spot for those from the North East. Another customer remarked, “They are really nice individuals with fantastic sense of humor.

Temjen Imna made news after a video of him laughing during a public address about the advantages of having “little eyes” went popular on social media. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, also posted the video.

Here are some comments tweeted by netizens:

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