Prahlad Modi, the brother of Prime Minister Modi, organized a sit-in to call for the national adoption of the West Bengal rationing model


The AIFPSDF has nine requests, including compensation for losses sustained on edible oil and pulse sales as well as sales of rice, wheat, and sugar that were made through fair pricing shops.

Prahlad Modi, the vice president of the All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation and the brother of prime minister Narendra Modi, today held a dharna at Jantar Mantar. At Jantar Mantar, Prahlad Modi and other members of the group assembled and chanted the organization’s demands. He then stated that the AIFPSDF team will shortly present a note to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He stated that the organization’s requests will be included in the letter and delivered to the prime minister.

In reality, the AIFPSDF has nine requests, including payment for losses on products like rice, wheat, and sugar that were sold through fair price stores as well as edible oil and pulses. Along with this, they are requesting that the “West Bengal Ration Model” of free distribution be adopted nationally. According to Prahlad Modi, the National Executive of the AIFPSDF will meet on Wednesday to deliberate on the organization’s future course of action.