Lulu Group, located in the UAE, opened a sizable mall in this city in Uttar Pradesh.


New Delhi: After Kochi, Bangalore, and Thiruvananthapuram, Lucknow is the fourth city where Lulu Group has established its store. Operating in industries like hypermarkets, retail centers, food processing plants, e-commerce, and amusement parks. The company is renowned for conducting substantial business all over the world. 

The Lulu Group, which is led by billionaire Yusuf Ali, is now expanding into North India with the biggest mall in Uttar Pradesh. The gang has maintained a strong presence in the southern regions of the nation over the last few years.

Supermarkets, food processing, real estate, and financial services are all included in the group. The malls were previously run by the Abu Dhabi-based group in the Indian cities of Kochi, Bengaluru, and Thiruvananthapuram. The store of this business has also started operating in Lucknow as of Monday. 

MA Yusuf Ali, age 66, is a successful businessman. Since a few years ago, he has been aggressively growing his business operations. Given that the population of BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh is higher than that of any other state in the nation, Yusuf Ali invested a sizable amount of money in this new supermarket in Lucknow to grow his company.

The Lulu Group has made a significant impact in a few additional South Indian cities, including Kerala, where it is best known for its sizable malls. The organization, which has interests in numerous commercial sectors including real estate, is well-represented in several Gulf nations as well as in other nations like the US, UK, Italy, and China. 

Yusuf Ali, who was born in the Thrissur district of Kerala, attended school in Gujarat before moving there to pursue a career in business management. In addition to his economic success, Yusuf Ali is renowned for his charitable deeds.

In 1973, he left India and joined the EMKE Group of Companies in Abu Dhabi. In 2000, he launched Lulu Hypermarket, which is now active in 22 nations in the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. It contains 235 retail establishments altogether. Customers in Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia love it a lot.