India likely to exceed China’s growing population by 2023


Fierce competiton of India and China to be at top in 2023 population report

On the occasion of World Population Day, United Nations issued a report which claims that India will surpass China’s population by 2023. As per UN Report, India will be at top in the race of being the most populous country in the world, even above China in 2023.

The World Population Prospects 2022 by the UN Department of economic and social affairs also claimed the total world population to reach 8 Billion by the end of 2022.

The report is topped by China following India and the least populated country is The Vatican City.

How does the UN estimate population?

The population estimates are based on certain factors. Some of them are: population size, levels of fertility, mortality and international migration for 235 distinct countries or area comprising the total population of the world.

Measures taken by governments for population control:

Generously fund family planning programs, make modern contraception legal, free and available everywhere, even in remote areas, improve health care to reduce infant and child mortality, restrict child marriage and raise the legal age of marriage.

Challenges that will be faced due to population growth:

Billions of people in the world will face thirst, hunger, slum conditions, food shortages, urban squalor, migration and loss of natural resources, if no action taken even now.