Deepika Padukone connects to her cultural background and journey at KonkSammelan, US. 


Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are having a lot of success in the United States! The couple took a break from their professional commitments to spend some time with each other in the US earlier this month. They have been out and about since they got back from their trip. Deepika’s family is also with them in the United States. Even though the holidays are coming to an end, Deepika definitely knows how to make everything special! Recently, the ‘Padmaavat’ actress was invited as the main guest to the 10th edition of KonkSammelan in San Jose, California where she was joined by her family and Ranveer Singh. It was Ranveer’s first visit to the grand event and he also witnessed the opening performance of Shankar Mahadevan. 

The superstar, who has ruled Bollywood for over a decade, took the opportunity to connect with her roots and the larger community and discuss her journey, the impact of culture, her upbringing in an hour-long fireside chat experience, and her professional journey.

What made the celebration even more special was the fact that her family and Ranveer were both in attendance. The power couple had the San Jose McEnery Convention Center resonating with thunderous applause and that was definitely the highlight of the event. To the uninitiated, Deepika Padukone is from Bengaluru, and she is fluent in the Konkani language. Both of her parents are from the Konkani-speaking area of India, and Deepika also shared a few pictures on Instagram showing off her million-dollar smile. If people don’t know someone’s history, origins, and culture, they’re like a tree without any roots. Thank you, KAOCA, and to the people of my community for your love, warmth, and blessings. I couldn’t be more proud. The Konkani cultural heritage event takes place in Silicon Valley and features performances, music shows, seminars, food, and works. The event aims to keep the culture alive across the world.