PM Modi and HM Shah have pledged their complete support for Maha development: CM Shinde


Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, has stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have promised him full support for the expansion and growth of the state.

On Monday night, during his first trip back to his hometown of Thane since becoming the CM, Shinde spoke to hundreds of Shiv Sainiks. He said that despite criticism from some quarters, the risk he took in light of recent political developments has been well received.

“I’m going to undertake the entire state and assign projects in every constituency. The state will undergo a complete transformation. I rarely exaggerate; I work first, then I speak “He said

He claimed that Prime Minister Modi has told him to work for the state’s development and growth. 

“I received support from both the central government and The PM, he said. Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, has also offered his full support. They claimed that my work for Hindutva is good “Said Shinde

In reference to the political developments of the last fortnight, during which he and a few Sena MLAs travelled to Surat, stayed in Guwahati, travelled to Goa, and then came back to Mumbai, Shinde claimed that 50 legislators had faith and confidence in him.

“We were away for 15 days, and I was just as eager to meet my Shiv Sainiks and activists as you were to meet me. I don’t feel like I’m CM even now. I am the same as you all . I will be a “karyakarta” among you all “He said. 

The Shiv Sainik in him will always be there, according to Shinde, no matter how great his stature becomes.

The CM added that he had promised the 50 MLAs who had supported him that none of them would lose in the upcoming elections.

He declared, “If I make a commitment, I never listen to anyone, not even myself, until its fulfilled”

In response to some harsh criticism from Sena leaders made after he and a few MLAs left Mumbai, Shinde said, “Kamakhyadevi (the deity of a famous temple in Guwahati) gave her blessings to us.”

Truth always wins, and we’ll make the best use of the golden opportunity to lead the state that we currently have, he declared.

“We must complete our mission while honouring Hindutva, which also means respecting all religions,” he said.

Shinde stated that every caste, creed, and region will be respected, and that everyone, including farmers and the poor, will receive justice under his government.

After the floor test, he gave a speech to the assembly in which he stated: “Everything I said was an expression of my feelings, and it was all spontaneous. I found it hard to believe I was capable of giving such a speech.”

“I have contributed to the Shiv Sena all my life at the cost of my family,” Shinde said, praising his supporters who had gathered in large numbers to hear him speak despite the heavy rain.

The BJP city president and MLC Niranjan Davkhare welcomed the CM when he went to the local BJP office.