Twitter takes action against Leena Manimekalai in response to the uproar around the black poster and pulls down the post


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Action is being requested against Leena Manimekalai in the Kaali Poster Controversy.
JNNl New Delhi controversy over the Kali movie poster: controversy has broken out over the Kali movie poster. Maa Kali is pictured smoking on this poster. A vibrant flag of the LGBT community is also seen in one of her hands. The production of this movie was handled by Leena Manimekalai. Twitter has reacted against the film’s producer, Leena Manimekalai.

As the uproar grew, the social networking site Twitter took action against the movie’s producer Leena Manimekalai and took down a post in which she had published the Kaali poster.

Many individuals have called for Leena Manimekalai to be punished in addition to a ban on the movie.

Several states have filed FIR’s against producer Leena Manimekalai.

FIRs have been filed against the producer in numerous places after the poster dispute got out of hand. This encompasses Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. A project named Under the Tent already shared the movie’s poster. The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto hosted the project. The Aga Khan Museum expressed regret and withdrew the poster when the Indian High Commission objected.

Maharajapuram village is where Leena Manimekalai was born. She has experience in the IT industry and is also an engineer.

She has now made the decision to work in the movie-making industry. She is also accused of acting in this manner in order to gain quick popularity. Leena Manimekalai’s Twitter appears to be verified. She is also the target of vicious trolling for this.

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