The Hindu Sankalp March, which was held in Delhi, reaffirms the idea that India shall be governed by the Constitution rather than Sharia Law.


BJP National Spokesperson Tajinder Singh Bagga was at the protest rally when Media caught up with him.

“In the recent days, we have witnessed how some individuals have criticised the Indian Constitution, issued fatwas, and made beheading threats. They are releasing bounty announcements for murder. This march is a signal to them that Indian law will govern the nation rather than Sharia or jihad, according to Bagga, who spoke to Media.

“Members of the Hindu community will come to the streets every time they attempt to rule our nation according to Sharia and Jihad. We have seen arson attacks, stone-throwing, and destruction of public property in states where the BJP is not in power, but you won’t see anything like here, Bagga emphasised.

When Media caught up with Tajinder Singh Bagga, he was attending the protest demonstration.”We have seen in recent days how some people have criticised the Indian Constitution, issued fatwas, and threatened to behead people. They are announcing murder-related bounties. According to Bagga, who spoke to Media, this march is a sign to them that Indian law, not Sharia or jihad, will rule the country.

“Every time they seek to control our country in accordance with Sharia and Jihad, members of the Hindu community will take to the streets in protest. You won’t see anything like this here, stressed Bagga, despite the fact that we have witnessed arson attacks, stone-throwing, and destruction of public property in places where the BJP is not in power.

“This is the difference between them and peace-loving individuals like us,” he continued. There aren’t any individuals discussing violence here.

Thousands of people from all facets of Hindu society are out in the streets today. The results of the people’s sentiments led to this (the rally). The Constitution, not Sharia, will govern India, BJP leader Kapil Mishra said to Media.

Hindus conduct their processions in a peaceful manner. They do not own stones. This demonstration serves as a warning to jihadists, their dads, and their kids. Sharia enforcers will be vanquished. He emphasised that “this march is an expression of Hindu togetherness.”

Stop the string of murders, threats of beheading, and justifications for them. Today, thousands of people have come together here,” stated Kapil Mishra.

Alok Kumar, the head of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, was also contacted by Media. He said the Hindu Sankalp March is a protest against efforts to impose the 14th-century Sharia in India. This march demonstrates the harmony within the Hindu community as a whole. Jihadists will lose, and victory will go to the brotherhood. We are also giving Hindus more confidence in their ability to protect their lives and property from such forces when they are attacked (within the bounds of the law),” he said.

Islamists’ violence against the majority Hindu population

Recall that Riyaz Attari and Mohammad Ghaus’ murder of Kanhaiya Lal was not an isolated instance committed by Islamists. Another Hindu guy named Umesh Kolhe was killed with a hacksaw seven days before he was beheaded for supporting Nupur Sharma.

Death threats have been made against a number of persons, including TV stars, for no more than endorsing the former BJP spokesperson. Islamists wrecked public property, set fire to cars, and paralysed traffic in various Indian cities in the days before the terrible murders.

The average Hindu stood still as the Islamists wreaked havoc in the streets. An typical Hindu is terrified by their blatant display of street power and their co-religionists’ silence on their “moderate” views.

Remember that there was a Kishan before Kanhaiya and a Kamlesh before Kishan, all of whom were killed due to blasphemy accusations?

Hindus in India are in a difficult situation. They are unable to demand protection from the State because they are the “non-violent majority,” nor can they defend themselves for fear of being branded as ruthless majoritarians who disregard the rights of minorities.

In recent years, the community has been successful in gaining support on a global scale and spreading awareness of their issue online.

On Saturday, July 9, concerned Hindus organised a protest march in the National Capital to make it clear that the Constitution, not Sharia, should govern the nation’s laws (Islamic law). The Hindu Sankalp March was organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in response to the recent murders of Hindu tailor Kanahiya Lal and pharmacist Umesh Kolhe by Islamists for backing former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma.

To facilitate the march’s orderly progression, the Delhi police allegedly set up special traffic arrangements on Barakhamba Road, Firoz Shah Road, Tolstoy Marg, Janpath, Sansad Marg, Patel Chowk, and other roads.
The rally’s final destination was the well-known Jantar Mantar.