The film directed by R Madhavan has taken off, and the second Tuesday has outperformed the first Friday at the box office on day eleven in Hindi.


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The good news is that Rocketry has at least taken off now after a kind of start that had people wondering where will it land. The movie has consistently made money from the day it is released and while those earnings were on the low side, the fact that there was such a high level of appreciation meant that it was always a contender. This was seen in the second week of the movie when both premium and non-premium properties continued to show, which helped it fly even higher with the second weekend not falling too far behind the first.

The second Tuesday has turned out to be larger than the first Friday, so the effects are now clear to see. The Hindi version had a 0.94crore opening, but on day 11, it did much better with 1.1crore. That’s fairly astounding because the movie hasn’t just surpassed the $1 billion mark; it has also remained consistent despite the release of Thor: Love and Thunder and another holdover release, JugJugg Jeeyo. These are traditional commercial entertainers, yet Rocketry is carving out a niche for itself. Pun intended.

The movie is currently at 13.76 crores, and if it continues to do well from here, it will reach 16-17 crores by the end of the second week. The movie’s attendance should continue to increase in the second weekend, easily pushing it past the 20 crore mark. From there, everything will depend on where the movie ends up. The movie, in which Madhavan makes an all-around performance as an actor, producer, and director, just needs a minimal number of performances allowed to it in order to generate some sort of daily revenue that it should be able to handle.

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