Ram Sethu: The Supreme Court will hear arguments this month about Subramanian Swamy’s request to designate Ram Sethu as a national monument


Subramanian Swamy, a BJP leader, filed a plea asking for Ram Sethu to be designated as a national monument, and the Supreme Court has consented to consider it. On July 26, the petition will be heard by the Supreme Court.

On July 26, Chief Justice Of India NV Raman promised to hear Swamy’s appeal. The Supreme Court has been urged in the petition to order the center to designate “Ram Sethu” as a national historic landmark.

Another name for Adam’s Bridge is Ram Sethu

Ram Sethu is also known as Adma’s Bridge. It is a chain of limestone formations between Pamban Island on the southeast coast of Tamil Nadu and Mannar Island on the northwest coast of Sri Lanka.

Taking a dig, Cheif Justice Of India said: “List it after my retirement”.

After listening to Swamy’s arguments, a Supreme Court bench including Cheif Justice Of India NV Ramana, Justice Krishna Murari, and Justice Hima Kohli declared that the issue is urgent and insignificant. Then, in a jocular mood, CJI Raman requested Swamy to list it when he retires. The CJI later scheduled it for July 26.

Center accepted the existence of Ram Sethu, but nothing happened further.

BJP leader Swamy said during the hearing that he has already won the first round of trial. In this, the center has accepted the existence of Ram Sethu. He further added that the Union Minister concerned his demand, but nothing happened afterwards. Swamy, in his PIL against the controversial Sethusamudram Ship Channel project initiated by the UPA-1 government, had raised the issue of declaring Ram Sethu as a national monument.