Sonia Gandhi “is not a great human”, the opposition government stated in Parliament


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Today, Sonia Gandhi, the president of the Congress, will appear before the ED to answer questions on the National Herald case. From Parliament to the street, the opposition is criticizing the Modi administration over this. They charge political grudges by the government. At the same time, the BJP has responded against Congress. In the Lok Sabha, Union minister Prahlad Joshi questioned whether Congress President Rahul Gandhi is a good person or not.

The questioning of Sonia Gandhi caused a significant commotion, forcing the Lok Sabha’s sessions to be suspended. In a statement, the opposition charged the Modi administration with several offenses. Sonia Gandhi the president of the Congress party will soon be at ED’s office. Officials of ED will question her on the National Herald case. To oppose this Congress has organized a sizable rally.

Jairam Ramesh says the attack is on democracy, not on Congress.

According to Congress, the police have erected barricades at the party’s Delhi headquarters, preventing the media from visiting. Jairam Ramesh, the leader of the Congress, tweeted: “Media barred from Congress headquarters. Every Indian has the constitutional right to protest any injustice without using force in the Gandhian Satyagraha style. But the Modi administration is attempting to seize this right out of a sense of power. The magnificent democracy of India is being attacked now, not the Congress. Congress leader Manickam Tagore wrote in a video he uploaded, that ‘The Congress headquarters on Akhbar Road are being constantly watched by the police. They are aware of the dedication and strength of the members of Congress.’

Opposition parties have issued a statement saying that notable leaders are being targeted for revenge.

Sonia Gandhi appears to have the support of the entire opposition, an official statement was released by the opposition.

The opposition leaders are being retaliated upon by the Modi administration. Investigative agencies are being mischievously misused. They are being used as a weapon against the opposition party leaders.

The government never stops getting even with its political rivals, we shall step up our opposition to the anti-people Modi administration.

We deplore the misuse of authority figures. We shall step up our united opposition to the Modi administration’s anti-people, anti-farmer, and anti-constitutional policies. It is destroying our social structures.

Union Minister Prahlad Joshi said the law is the same for everyone

Today’s grilling of Sonia Gandhi by opposition lawmakers caused a huge ruckus in the Lok Sabha. “Everyone is equal before the law,” stated Prahlad Joshi, Minister Of Union Parliamentary Affairs. Is the president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi a good person? The members of Congress believe they are above the law. The Lok Sabha meeting had to be suspended after the significant commotion.

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