GST on paneer, butter and masala is the formula for Shashi Tharoor’s peppery meme


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The meme, “GST on Paneer: 5%, GST on Butter: 12%, GST on Masala: 5%. “New Maths Question: Calculate the GST on Paneer Butter Masala,” is shared by Shashi Tharoor on his Twitter account.

If the Government keeps increasing GST (Goods and Services Tax) on essential food items, will Paneer Butter Masala become costlier? Congress Minister Shashi Tharoor took a dig by sharing a meme mentioning increased GST charges, a big move by the Central government.

The Thiruvananthapuram MP forwarded a “WhatsApp forward” that claimed the government will tax pre-packed food items like Paneer.

While sharing the tweet, he said, “I don’t know who comes up with these brilliant WhatsApp forwards but this one skewers the folly of the GST as few jokes have!”

Paneer butter masala has been gravitating on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since the new GST rates came into force last Monday.

According to this new regime, essential food items including cereals, pulses, and flour will now come up with a GST of 5% if they are packed. The new GST rates are expected to add to the burden of increasing prices of such essential food items.

In current sessions of parliament, opposition parties including Congress are condemning the same issue. Latter has been protesting against BJP in the parliament’s current session.

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