Ponniyin Selvan: Aishwarya Rai’s film eclipsed before release, the court handed Mani Ratnam a notice


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The struggle of the Chola Empire is the main plot of Ponniyin Selvan. The movie’s teaser was released a few days ago that became very popular with the audience. There is also a lot of debate on the movie’s cast, plot, and visuals. The movie has fantastic sights and effects, and it has a sizable budget. Ponniyin Selvan, the unreleased new movie by Mani Ratnam, however, already seems to be engaged in controversy. This movie has a significant error, for which the court has given the creators a notice. Although Aishwarya’s movie is eagerly anticipated, there has already seen to be a commotion surrounding it.

What’s the accusation?

The court has given notice to director Mani Ratnam and actor Vikram, even though this movie is due to hit theaters on September 30, 2022. The Chola Dynasty, which dominated India for 1500 years, is the plot of the movie. The makers are being questioned by the attorney because they allegedly distorted the story. In this case, the attorney has asked for a special screening to confirm the historical accuracy of the plot of the movie. According to the advocate, through a special screening, it will be confirmed that there hasn’t been any alteration of historical facts.

Mani Ratnam’s Dream Project

Advocate Selvam, a supporter of Mani Ratnam’s dream project, fears that the film’s creators may reveal information about the dynasty that has nothing to do with reality. Since its announcement, Mani Ratnam’s movie has been a topic of conversation. In this movie, Aishwarya is portrayed in an exceptionally lovely way. In addition to Aishwarya Rai, Vikram and Trisha play significant roles in the movie Ponniyin Selvan. Mani Ratnam has been working on this movie for a very long time.

The biggest budget movie

According to reports, Ponniyin Selvan’s film has the highest budget of any Indian production to date. Its budget is reportedly 500 crore rupees. Mani Ratnam has done all possible things to produce his movie. He filmed the movie in several locations in India. The movie’s filming was completed in September 2021. In addition to Hindi, it will be published on September 30 in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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