In Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi stated that taking shortcuts does not benefit the nation, while some leaders may do so. 


On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his parliamentary district of Varanasi with a gift worth over 1700 crores. From Sigra Stadium, he inaugurated and laid the cornerstone for 43 projects. Prior to that, the All India Education Conference on New Education Policy was held, and Akshaya Patra Kitchen was officially opened. Following the chant of Har Har Mahadev, PM Modi opened the public event at the Sigra Sports Stadium in Bhojpuri.

Earlier in his speech, Prime Minister Modi claimed that the people of Kashi and Uttar Pradesh had enthusiastically backed him in the assembly elections. That is why I respectfully thank the people of Kashi and Uttar Pradesh today when I have been among you for the first time since the election. 

Today, we are reviving the growth festival that has been going on for the past eight years in the exquisite, opulent, new Kashi. Kashi has always been dynamic and lively. The entire nation has now seen a picture of Kashi that combines growth and heritage. In Kashi, four new projects begin each time one expires.

Even today, Kashi has seen the groundbreaking and inauguration of scores of projects totaling Rs 1,700 crore. 

People used to ask, “How will it happen?” prior to 2014.

Kashi has finished projects in the areas of roads, water, energy, health, education, sanitation, and beautification. PM Modi stated, “I recall that after I came in 2014, people visiting from outside in Kashi used to worry how will it be okay because it is so hectic here.” The desire for reform was evident throughout Banaras. It was evident that no progress had been made in Banaras’ growth for many years. His ideas did not extend past this. Who should work so hard, people used to believe. However, everyone is observing this development right now.

The government did not miss any chance to assist Varanasi, PM said. 

PM Modi expressed gratitude to the people of Varanasi for giving him the opportunity to serve and for making him an MP. The poor’s issues have always been addressed by our government, and it has made an effort to share in their joy and grief. The government hasn’t missed a chance to help you, from offering the Corona vaccination free of charge to giving the needy free rations.

In order to make the nation’s cities smoke-free, we are, on the one hand, expanding the infrastructure for CNAG operating cars. On the other side, we are also giving our sailors who look after Ganga ji the choice to link their diesel and gasoline boats with CNG.