Netizens of Nagaland eat men…, one more tweet by Temjen Imna Along, Nagaland’s minister.


Temjen Imna Along, the minister of Nagaland, is currently under consideration. His videos have all become very popular in a short span of time. He discusses the myths about Nagaland and Old Delhi Railway Station in the most recent video.

Temjen Imna Along, a minister and BJP leader of the Nagaland government, is featured in yet another viral video. He recounts his journey to Delhi in the year 1999 in the video. He discussed a variety of topics in this video, including Nagaland cuisine, traveling to Old Delhi Station, and many others.

In this video, Temjen Imna Along, the state’s BJP unit president and minister for higher education and tribal affairs, claims that there are numerous misconceptions regarding Nagaland. For instance, Nagaland residents eat humans.

On July 13, Temjen Imna Along shared this video on Twitter. When we initially arrived in Delhi in 1999, Temjen says in the video clip, “When we landed at Old Delhi Railway Station, we saw more people there than in our Nagaland state”. There, we were astonished. And they would ask, “Where is Nagaland?” Is a visa required for entry there? Some individuals promote the myth that Naga people devour men and that this is true. We become wary as soon as we saw you.

In this video, Temjen also stated that we differed in terms of look, diet, and way of thinking. He has also lived for 50 years in the same manner. This video has already received thousands of retweets. And a lot of people enjoyed it.