UK political crisis: Boris Johnson will address the country tonight and is prepared to resign 


Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, might step down today. Before stepping down, he will address the country. Johnson’s resignation may also be announced at tonight’s address to the country, according to rumors. However, according to a statement from Downing Street, Boris Johnson will continue to serve as prime minister until a replacement is chosen. 

Before this, Johnson had already lost more than 39 ministers and parliamentary secretaries. Less than 24 hours following a mutiny by members of the ruling Conservative Party, Johnson’s ministers resigned from their positions. Since then, there has been pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign, senior ministers continuously advised him to resign. 

Senior members of Prime Minister Johnson’s cabinet went to his apartment at 10, Downing Street on Wednesday night and demanded him to resign, adding to the turmoil. The most significant aspect was that Priti Patel, the home minister, who was regarded as one of her staunchest supporters was also one of these ministers. Johnson met with ministers one-on-one to exert pressure. However, it is believed that more than 15 of his ministers pressed for a change in leadership in order to boost the Conservative Party’s chances in the upcoming election.