The mining mafia killed a DSP in Haryana by crushing him with a dumper, Home Minister Anil Vij ordered harsh punishment


In the Nuh area of Haryana, the cruelty of the mining mafia has surfaced. DSP Surendra Singh Bishnoi was dumped by members of the mining mafia while working in Tawadu in the Nuh district, and as a result, he passed away immediately.

Anil Vij, the state’s minister, has mandated severe punishment for the alleged mining mafia. On the other hand, it was said in the official statement made by the Haryana Police that the mining mafia would face drastic action. DSP Surendra Singh’s sacrifice won’t be in vain.

According to the media, this incident occurred in the nearby area of Gurugram district of Nuh’s village Pachgaon, which is part of the Tawadu police station area. DSP (Tawadu) Surendra Singh Bishnoi was informed about the illegal mining in Aravali hill, which is adjacent to the town. After that, he arrived with his team at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

On the other hand, when the mining crew and their driver spotted the police officers, they escaped while the dumper was still nearby the slope. The dumper driver mounted the car and fled the scene when the DSP approached to halt the car. Following the dumper’s collision with the tire, DSP Surendra Singh Bishnoi passed away instantly. Soon after the incident was reported, Nuh SP Varun Singla arrived at the scene.

He had arrived at the scene of the incident to put the mining mafia under control. Surrendra Singh Bishnoi received the information concerning illegal mining over the phone. After that, he and the crew arrived at the destination. DSP Surendra Singh Bishnoi of Nuh district was killed as a result of the mining mafia mounting a dumper on him during this time.

This is the first instance of a DSP being killed by the mining mafia in Haryana. According to the main information, DSP Surendra Singh was planning to retire this year. He worked as an officer in the Animal Husbandry Department before joining the police force. The Nuh district and Gurugram have a thriving mining mafia and the ecosystem in the Aravalli region is still at the risk from tree cutting. In addition, there is a chance that illegal mining will result in the extinction of some animal species. The mining mafia’s hooliganism persists despite this. Despite the fact that the police have also filed a case against the mining mafia, it has had little impact.

The Nagina police have filed cases of illegal mining against residents of the villages of Nangalmubarikpur Ghagas Kansali and Jhimrawat, Sheikhpur, etc., but despite the strictness of the police and the mining department, the illegal miners did not agree. The same is true for people who cut down trees.

Illegal mining harms the forest services

The Aravalli forest service plants tens of thousands of saplings each year to keep the environment clean, however, in some regions, the plants are killed even before they are born. The forest department suffers losses every year, they break stones at night, then transport them to the villages throughout the day using tractors.