Online e-taxi service: For the first time in the nation, this state government will launch its own online e-taxi service.


The popular corporate online cab service will have competition from the Kerala government’s own e-taxi service, which will go live the following month. This is thought to be the country’s first state government-led project of this kind.

The state labor department is introducing ‘Kerala Savari,’ an online taxi-hailing service that connects to the state’s current auto-taxi network. Its goal is to provide public transport that is both safe and conflict-free at prices that are competitive with those in the state.

V Shivankutty, the minister for public education and labor in Kerala, declared: “This is the first time the government is introducing an online taxi service in the nation. With a focus on worker welfare, this administration is expanding into a sector dominated by international corporations. According to him, Kerala Savari will add an additional 8% in service fees to the set rate.

“Kerala Savari App is a highly safe system for usage by children and women,” the minister declared. The software was created with the highest consideration for safety regulations. Additionally, the app contains a panic button system that may be triggered in the event of a car accident or can be suppressed in any other form of threat. It may be done in secret.

He said, “The Motor Workers Welfare Board will carry out the project in coordination with the Planning Board, Legal Metrology, Transport, IT, and Police departments. A public sector firm from Palakkad named Indian Telephone Industry has offered technical assistance for the project.

The new service will be introduced at a celebration marking the beginning of the Malayalam month of Chingam, which occurs on August 17, at the Kanakkkunnu Palace in this city.