National Herald Case: After interrogating Sonia-Rahul, the ED conducts a raid at the National Herald’s office.


In connection with the National Herald case, the ED has initiated action in the money laundering case. The National Herald’s office is being raided by an ED team. Rahul Gandhi, the party’s leader, and Sonia Gandhi, the party’s president, have been questioned by the ED team.

Three days were spent interrogating Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi has just undergone a three-day interrogation by the ED. The ED questioned Sonia for more than three days and over 100 times. She was accompanied throughout the interrogation by Priyanka Gandhi. On July 18, Sonia Gandhi began to be questioned. On that day, she was interrogated for almost two hours. After then, she was questioned for about 27 to 28 minutes. These inquiries centered on the declining financial standing of AJL and the Congress’ 90 crores deal.

Source: ANI

On July 26, Sonia Gandhi was interrogated for almost six hours. The majority of the questions were then answered by Sonia with “Don’t Know.” Sonia made an effort to dodge queries throughout this. In the six hours of interrogation, she received around 50 inquiries. Apart from Sonia, the ED had questioned Rahul Gandhi, a Congress member, for more than 50 hours over the course of five days in several sessions.