Mirzapur 3: Ali Fazal is learning to wrestle in preparation for the third season of Mirzapur, which will be packed with excitement


Ali Fazal, a well-known actor, has gained a great deal of notoriety both nationally and internationally. However, he came into the limelight after playing the role of “Guddu Bhaiya” in the immensely popular online series “Mirzapur.” The creators and the entire cast are currently working hard at filming the third season of the series following the phenomenal success of its first two parts. Ali Fazal, who plays the role, got to work on getting his character ready to return to the big screen. Everyone is curious to see what new things will be featured in the third season of the show in this situation, just like they are every time.

The actor has embraced the strategy of mastering the fundamentals of wrestling in order to make his character in the series stronger and better than before. The television shows first two seasons included a lot of action. But the desire for this series screenplay has grown much more. Ali wants to perform all of the action and stunts for the show. In such a circumstance, he decided to pick up wrestling. 

Ali Fazal is presently practicing for the action sequences that are written into the screenplay for the new season, according to a source. He is currently undergoing training, and he will do so for a few more weeks until the shoot begins. He has already begun taking fundamental wrestling instruction for this. Let us inform you that in addition to training, he has begun filming for Mirzapur 3 which is recently being shoot in Mumbai. 

Ali Fazal recently appeared in the worldwide murder mystery “Death on the Nile” on the job front. Soon he’ll be featured in the international films Kandahar with Gerard Butler and Vishal Bhardwaj’s Khufia with actress Tabu.