In advance of season 7, Kangana Ranaut recalls her Koffee with Karan episode: Ghar me ghus ke maara tha


Kangana Ranaut poked fun at director Karan Johar by asking why he had withheld information from the Koffee with Karan episode that included her.

Kangana Ranaut questioned why Karan Johar hasn’t yet revealed any videos from the episode of his well-known celebrity chat programme Koffee with Karan in which she featured. She also had a harsh response to the question she had asked.

She shared a screenshot of herself while she appeared in Karan’s show, Kangana wrote the Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, “Papa jo (karan Johar) is promoting all famous coffee episodes as it premieres on OTT today. Good luck to papa jo. But what about this episode? Oh sorry…surgical strike, ghar me ghus ke mara tha na (I broke into his house and beat him up). The episode I featured in, was the most popular episode of his show after which TV just like Filmfare awards banned him.”

Kangana’s instagram post’s glimpse

She sent a screenshot from a story in which Karan claimed that he was cursed and ridiculed for nepotism. On her Instagram Stories, Kangana posted the screenshot and wrote the statement, “I have made him more popular and gain fame than all his work combined.”

Kangana Ranaut claimed that Karan was the “flagbearer of nepotism” during her 2017 appearance on the fifth season of Koffee with Karan. Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, her co-stars, were also with her. They were promoting Rangoon, their latest release that time.
When asked to pick the person in the business that had the “most needless attitude,” Kangana looked at her host and replied, “I think you Karan. You’ll play the stereotypical Bollywood bigwig in my biopic, if one is ever made, who is, you know, incredibly snobby and totally intolerant toward outsiders, the poster child for nepotism, the movie mafia.

Koffee with Karan’s seventh season debuts on Disney+ Hotstar on Thursday. You can only hate when you’re feeling miserable yourself or you are a hater, Karan recently told PTI in response to the “hate” that his show occasionally encounters online. You might despise anything, from bananas to Bollywood. But in the end, that hatred is not a genuine emotion. People’s frustrations and rage are the only things driving it. I only hope that those anonymous, faceless trolls who preach hate understand that it all comes back to bite them, not us.