Due to a faulty fuel indicator, a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Dubai was diverted to Karachi.

Officials stated that no visual leak from the left tank was found during an assessment of the SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Dubai at the airport in Karachi.

On July 5, SpiceJet’s flight from Delhi to Dubai was rerouted to Karachi due to a fuel indicator problem, according to representatives of the agency that regulates aviation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

In the past 17 days, SpiceJet aircraft have experienced six similar incidents.

In midair, the Boeing 737 Max aircraft that was flying from Delhi to Dubai exhibited an unusual fuel quantity reduction, according to the officials.

As a result, they claimed, the plane was diverted to Karachi.

SpiceJet earlier stated in a statement that on July 5, 2022, a SpiceJet B737 aircraft operating flight SG-11 (Delhi-Dubai) was diverted to Karachi because of a malfunctioning indicator light. The passengers safely disembarked from the plane after it safely touched down in Karachi. “There was no emergency declared, and the aircraft landed normally. No previous reports of an aircraft malfunction were made, it mentioned.

It added that refreshments had been served to the passengers and that a replacement aircraft was being sent to Karachi to transport them to Dubai.