AR Rahman’s response to Rocketry at Cannes was shared by  Madhavan: “Unforgettable moments of my life”


Actor-director Madhavan has shared never-before-seen footage from the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his debut feature film, Rocketry: The Nami Effect. In the tweet, he thanks Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman, who is clearly impressed with Madhavan’s storytelling abilities.

What a turn of events. Every dialogue was fantastic,” Rahman can be heard telling Madhavan, who is humbled by the appreciation for his music. Rahman was heard in the video referring to “Madhavan” as a “new voice” in cinema.

In the past, Madhavan had screened Rocketry in Cannes for a select group of high profile guest, including Rahman and the minister of information Anurag Singh Thakur. Everyone appeared to be in awe of Madhavan’s talent as an author, director, and actor.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is produced and even written by Madhavan in addition to acting in the lead role and directing it. The events that happened to former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan in real life served as the basis for the film. The movie tells the story of his significant contributions in enhancing India’s space research programme. Additionally, it describes the ordeal he went through after he was accused of espionage. After 20 years in court, the courts cleared his name.

Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya also make cameo appearances in the movie.

The word of mouth seems to be working in the movie’s favour, despite the fact that critics had given it a mixed bag of reviews. The industry anticipates that the movie’s box office performance will improve over the next few days.