According to the teaser, Rani Bharti and her husband will argue in the second season of Maharani


Soon, viewers can watch Season 2 of the well-known online series “Maharani” of Huma Qureshi. Sohum Shah can be seen giving a speech in the most recent teaser in this series. In the web series “Maharani” Sohum Shah portrayed Bhima Bharti, a strong and complicated character. He was highly liked in this position as well. Sohum Shah is now prepared to engage in a direct confrontation with his on-screen spouse, CM Rani Bharti.

The upcoming web series “Maharani”

Sohum returns in “Maharani’s” second season with newfound vitality and a new appearance. He has worn a mustache and beard while sporting this appearance. Fans of Bhima Bharti are inquisitive about her new appearance. The preview reveals Huma’s very new aesthetic. Rani Bharti’s current behavior is entirely different from the first season’s. The preview makes it quite evident that there will be a fierce battle between the two husband and wife.

Undoubtedly, Sohum Shah and Huma Qureshi are outstanding actors who immerse themselves in their roles. With “Maharani” Season 1, both of them demonstrated this. Similar to this, it’s easy to see how their characters have changed for season 2. With “Maharani” Season 2, both are anticipated to rock once more.

The web series “Maharani” debuted in the year 2021. The crowd enjoyed this series a lot. Season 2 of “Maharani” has not yet been given a release date. When we talk about Sohum Shah, he is well known for his movie Tumbbad. Soham will soon begin work on his feature film “Sana” in addition to “Maharani” season 2.

At the same time, Huma Qureshi also has a long list of outstanding projects. “Monica, O My Darling,” “Double XL,” and “Tarla” are three of Huma’s movies. She last appeared in the song Complaint from the movie Gangubai Kathiawadi directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Huma also contributed to the Tamil movie Valimai.